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Sunday Chapel with Mike Milton
Sunday Chapel with Mike Milton for 9/17/2023

Sunday Chapel with Mike Milton for 9/17/2023

The Sufferer's Soliloquy (Psalm 103:1-12)

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A Sanctuary in the Word for Those Who Cannot Be in the Lord’s House

This Sunday: “The Sufferer's Soliloquy” (Psalm 103:1-12) | A Lectionary for Today (Readings in the Old Testament, with Psalms, the Epistles, and the Gospel, across a three-year cycle, arranged by the seasons of Christ’s life and the life of the Church, i.e., the Church Year).

A Lectionary

A Prayer for Today

O Lord our Father, Thou has provided all we need in Thy Son, our Savior Jesus Christ; Send Thy Holy Spirit into our hearts, overcome our selfish resistance with Thy grace, sweeten our sorrows with Thy presence, and help us to release our regrets and leave our burdens at the cross, so that we may come to know Thee as our all in all; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


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John Donne. Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, 1572.

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"Night terrors, hyper-focusing, and being startled by the bark of your dog or a clap of thunder are not only symptoms of trauma but signs that the soul--your soul--has been bruised by the experience of human savagery. Suffering from the wounds of war can be suffering for Christ." So writes Michael A. Milton in Suffering for Christ, this first installment in the new series from Bethesda Publishing, "The Wounds of War." Using a visit to a local VA clinic and a divine appointment with a fellow Veteran, Milton offers pastoral and theological insights to help pastors and other believers locate meaning in the mystery of suffering. Dr. Milton originally produced the Wounds of War Series for the Presbyterian and Reformed Commission on Chaplains and Military Personnel (PRCC). The series aims to locate and identify spiritual and" "moral injuries associated with service in the Armed Forces and seek biblical cure and care through Gospel-centered, theological reflection and evidence-based pastoral application. Intended to serve Veterans and those who care for them--Chaplains, pastors, counselors, and other ministry providers--the series will help congregations, seminaries, and nonprofits minister better understand those who have borne the battle to protect our country."

Paperback, ebook, Kindle. At all bookstores, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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Published August 15, 2023. All proceeds go to Faith for Living.

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Sunday Chapel with Mike Milton
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